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The Toronto International Film Festival is the largest festival of its kind in North America, but contrary to popular misconception, not all of its films sell out. In fact, the latter half of the festival used to be undersold, so TIFF wanted a way to promote available films on-site at the box office and various venues.

For the past four years, TIFF has leveraged a custom build of RealSocial™ that displays a schedule of the day’s available films in real-time, along with their descriptions and trailers. The automated system, based on ticket sale data, also displays a real-time Twitter feed, and a collection of “canned” promotional ads.

Danier Leather

To boost its presence on Instagram, and help raise awareness of its new product designs among a younger target demographic, Danier Leather capitalized on the emerging behaviour of the “selfie.” In-store messaging encouraged shoppers to try on some Danier duds, snap a photo in a dressing room mirror, and post it with the hashtag #danierstyle for chance to win a shopping spree.

The centrepiece of the campaign was our RealSocial™ technology which created a bridge between social media and the in-store experience. Moments after posting their photo to Instagram, consumers would see it appear on digital signage in the store alongside photos of other consumers wearing Danier, and images of models from Danier’s lookbook.

The success of this campaign inspired us to create RealSocial™ as an off-the-shelf, plug-and-play product.

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Starwood Hotels and Resorts

When Starwood Hotels, owners of the Westin, Sheraton, and W hotel brands, designed their headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, the architecture plan included a 15-foot LED video wall that could feature animated text and imagery.

Featuring typography and graphics developed by Bruce Mau Design, the wall relies on a custom build of RealSocial™ that allows staff to manage the content on the fly. New messages are styled by selecting from preset colour palettes and animations.

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